Alex Maki: Janne understands how to empower people

I’m supporting Janne Flisrand for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 7 because she will empower all residents to become engaged in their communities. Engaged citizens create healthy and vibrant cities. With a remarkable willingness to listen to the concerns of others, Janne will ensure all people in Minneapolis have a voice.

Alex_Maki_photo.jpgAs a scientist who studies community involvement, I have always been impressed by Janne's eagerness to inspire civic engagement in others. Janne gets it. She understands how to empower people to make a difference, intuitively grasping what science tells us about how to build stronger communities. She listens, and when the time comes, she acts. Janne is progressive, productive, and pragmatic, but never at the expense of silencing voices in the community that are too rarely heard.

Far too often our elected officials refuse to listen, refuse to learn, and refuse to grow. Janne will never stop questioning, learning, and striving to be a great community leader. Having worked with Janne on community efforts, I have watched her succeed at bringing people with diverse backgrounds together in a spirit of collaboration.

Please join me in supporting Janne for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 7. She will be a leader who empowers people to become leaders themselves.

-Alex Maki

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