Amy Brugh: Janne showed me I could play a valuable role

I support Janne Flisrand because she is super smart, and she’s committed to making the city of Minneapolis the kind of place where I want to live.


I met Janne in 2012 when I got involved as a volunteer with what was then the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, now Our Streets Minneapolis. Janne was serving as the volunteer coordinator. I came in rather intimidated because the coalition people seemed like fast bikers with cool bikes or were all smart city planner types. Janne helped me feel less intimidated, and she helped me find a volunteer position that was a fit for me. She was a unique combination of extremely accessible and very clear and direct. She wanted to see me get connected and to succeed with the organization, so she made sure I knew exactly what was expected. After volunteering for a while, I joined the Coalition board. Not long after that I got really involved and became the board chair and took on a lot of leadership responsibilities. Janne showed me early on that I could play a valuable role (even though I am still not a fast biker and I don’t have a cool bike).

Janne can always be trusted to be accessible and open to different perspectives, but she's also fierce and committed. Because she’s highly principled, she’s not so open that she lets people get away with doing less than they’re capable of doing. Janne is also great at making something that seems infinitely complex simple enough for people to understand it. That quality will be invaluable on the City Council, where being able to make complex issues thoroughly understandable is an essential step in creating good policy.

The city of Minneapolis will be lucky to have Janne Flisrand on the City Council!​

-Amy Brugh