Anne Minnick: "It's Time for an Engaged and Innovative Leader"

I’m supporting Janne Flisrand for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 7 because she shares my progressive values. I agree with her positions on policing, creating a more equitable ward, economic justice issues, streets that are safe for bicycles, and so much more.

image1.jpgJust as important as her progressive stance on the issues, however, is the fact that Janne is open and eager to listen. Over the years my husband and I have sent numerous written communications to Lisa Goodman and called her office about issues we care about, but we have gotten no response of any kind for four years. Ms. Goodman goes to meetings, but it’s clear that she’s interested in being connected to some people and not others. Even her website hadn’t been updated for years, until Janne announced her campaign. It seems there’s no information going in or out. You know it’s time for a change when you can’t even get an automated response from your city council representative!

Janne is running so that Ward 7 can have a city council member who represents everybody.

Janne is a great listener - and that matters. In order to represent you, a leader has to listen. Janne is a caring leader with a clear progressive vision for a better Minneapolis, and she never lets go of that vision. She brings people together in creative ways. She’s courageous enough to experiment and smart enough to change course when necessary to advance the vision of a fair, equitable, economically thriving ward and city.

We’re fortunate to live in a diverse ward, and it’s time for someone like Janne Flisrand, who will be a representative to more than just a small segment of Ward 7’s population. It’s time for a responsive, engaged, innovative leader with the ability to gather diverse voices; it’s time for a leader who will go out of her way to make sure ALL of the people in Ward 7 are heard and represented.

-Ann Minnick, East Isles