Anne Supplee: "I'm Proud to Endorse Janne"

I have lived in Loring Park for 20 years. Loring Park used to be a place where young people could start out with an affordable place of their own, but that’s not the case anymore. After 20 years with Lisa Goodman as our city council representative, affordable housing has never been harder to find in Ward 7.

anne_supplee.jpgWhen I heard Janne Flisrand was running for city council, my immediate reaction was excitement, followed by relief. I set up a time to meet with her right away. Just the possibility of having new energy in Ward 7 was exciting. And then, when we really talked about what she intended to do, I was immediately inspired to get involved. I said Yes to caucusing on her behalf and Yes to being a delegate. There’s something about Janne’s visible, receptive approach to leadership that makes me want to be involved. I haven’t felt this way for a long time.

I’ve been acquainted with Janne for long enough to know that she’s a collaborator, a listener. Her vision is clear: she wants Minneapolis to be a city in which everyone has a voice, everyone feels (and is) safe, and everyone has an equal opportunity. She has great ideas about how to help make that happen, but best of all, she’s also always listening to people who might have even better ideas.

In stark contrast, Lisa Goodman has spent the last several years proving she has no interest in the wants, needs, or ideas of her constituents. Lisa Goodman works hard to court big donors, and that leaves me feeling left out. I don’t see evidence that Lisa Goodman is listening to all of the different constituencies in the ward, and I have gone looking for that evidence.

I suspect that on election day, Janne will do very well with people who are really paying attention to city politics, people who care as much as she does. If you are one of those people, please contact the campaign and find out how you can help.

We are very lucky Janne has decided to run for city council in Ward 7. She is smart, committed, creative, energetic, and altruistic. I am proud to endorse Janne Flisrand for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 7.

-Anne Supplee, Loring Park