Asil Mire: Janne is an environmental champion!

I support Janne Flisrand for Ward 7 Minneapolis City Council because she is an environmental champion!

asil.pngAs soon as I met Janne, I was blown away by how much she cares about the environment and how much she is already doing to protect and improve it. She supported the Clean Energy Partnership as a member of the Energy Vision Advisory Committee, and led successful efforts to include multiple family rental units in standard energy efficiency programs. She also supports expanding organic recycling to apartment buildings. Given her excellent track record, I trust Janne to ALWAYS do what is best for the planet.

I am also impressed with Janne’s depth of knowledge and experience in affordable housing. I’ve been a renter in Uptown for two years, and I’ve seen my rent increase too much in that short time. I worry that gentrification is a big problem in Minneapolis. I have talked with Janne about it many times and I’ve heard her speak on the subject as well. I can tell you that she understands the issues and she has innovative ideas for how to ensure that the city has enough housing units while always still putting people before profits.

Please join me in supporting Janne Flisrand for Ward 7 City council. We need a representative who is intelligent and knowledgeable and who cares deeply about Ward 7 and the health and well-being of EVERY person in Minneapolis.

-Asil Mire, East Isles

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