Carter Christensen: Janne is a true change-maker for the current and next generation

I support Janne Flisrand for City Council because she is a visionary, pro-active leader who is actively working to bridge and empower our community. Janne is ready to tackle the biggest issues facing our city. Instead of continuing to wait to see if our current representative does the right thing for our ward and the city, we finally have the opportunity to elect someone who we can have absolute confidence will do the right thing, visibly and confidently, right away, always. The time is now to bring a proven pro-active change agent to our council chambers.

Carter_Christensen_photo.pngI’m extremely impressed with Janne’s knowledge on how to create the Minneapolis of tomorrow — a city we won’t be able to have with Ward 7’s current council member still in charge. Unlike the long-entrenched incumbent, Janne has a vision that will move the city beyond what has become the norm in our ward. Her vision (detailed and published on her website) will empower our neighbors, families, and professionals; it’s a vision that will benefit each and every one of us for decades to come. Whether it’s improved transit access or supporting small businesses and the employees who work at them or her unmatched thought-leadership on our dire affordable housing situation, Ward 7 will do better — and be better — with Janne representing us at City Hall.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting Janne — a true change maker for the current and next generation of citizens in Minneapolis.

Carter Christensen
Ward 7, Downtown

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