Catherine Windyk: Janne is continually grooming others for leadership.

I support Janne Flisrand because she cares deeply about the city and all of the people who live in it.

Catherine_Windyk_photo.jpgI met Janne 5 or 6 years ago at the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition. I went to a neighborhood meet up where her role was to tell people about MBC and explain what volunteer opportunities existed at that time. She was super welcoming and very friendly, so I was immediately at ease, after having been pretty intimidated coming in as a new biker. Her leadership skills were apparent right away: she was comfortable in front of a crowd, a very clear communicator, and deeply passionate about the important work MBC was doing. After the meeting, I contacted her to see what role I’d fit best in. She asked about my interests and skills, and then she took the time to figure out where I would be most likely to make the most significant contribution. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Janne was continually grooming others for leadership. She is great at seeing qualities in people that they might not even realize they have. She never pushes people; she’s just very encouraging, and since she inquires so thoroughly and listens so well, she often ends up guiding people into making a more valuable contribution than they even thought possible—sometimes stepping pretty far out of their comfort zones to do so. People tend to go above and beyond when someone of obvious substance believes in them.

Janne is deeply intelligent, ​honest, ​creative, friendly, and energetic—and all of that is tempered with a social grace that makes her far more likely to give someone else credit than to seek it for herself. Honestly, I don’t know exactly what those qualities will look like on the Minneapolis City Council, but I’m 100% sure I want to find out.

Please join me in supporting Janne Flisrand for Ward 7 Minneapolis City Council!

-Catherine Windyk