It's Time for Change

The current Ward 7 Council Member has held her position for two decades. During this time, our city has seen significant changes in the demand for housing, the number of transportation options, social and racial equity, action to protect our environment, and much more. Ward 7 needs a leader who will support policies that address the needs of Minneapolis today, and ensure that, as we grow, we are not leaving our fellow citizens behind.

Yet the current council member has historically supported policies that leave many people behind. She has repeatedly worked and voted against worker protections, police reform and accountability, environmental initiatives, and pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly transit options. Some examples of her voting record are below. They may be surprising, but they’re all true—and we’ve linked to supporting documentation so you can learn more.

In contrast, I have a comprehensive vision for a Minneapolis that works for all its citizens and for policy solutions that will put us on the path toward that vision. You can learn more about my vision and solutions here.

The current Ward 7 Council member has:

  • Voted repeatedly against expanding transit options and making walking and biking safer, adversely affecting the ability of lower-income people to find and keep jobs and the livability of our city for everyone. These are just a few examples among many:



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