Organizations Endorsing Janne for Ward 7

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Neighbors and Friends Endorsing Janne for Ward 7

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Christine Lim
Dan Polhamer
Samantha DelSerra
Craig Corsi
Ben Strasser
Michael Bischoff
Bill Lindeke
Elaine Marigold Avery
Blue Delliquanti
Soleil Ho
Catherine Biringer
Kristin Collier
Anessa Ibrahim
Erica Berry
Kendra Atleework
Mihret Sibhat
Kurt Schultz
Jim Miles
Joey Senkyr
Jodi Vreeland Slick
Andrew Bogott
David Hartwell
Joe Schweigert
Kourtnee Baukol
Camille Galles
Ethan Parsons
Sarah Burridge
Fritz Bogott
Chris Meyer
Matthew Ramírez
John Carmody
Janet Shaffer
Karlie Cole
Shaina Brassard
Andrew Leicester
Sean Herring
Julian McFaul
Elizabeth Dailey
Kristi Otterson
Sarah Lederman
Matt Barthelemy
Diana Docis
LaDonna Meinecke
Allison Fuglestad
Chris Farstad
Drew Coveyou
Elizabeth Beissel
Gerrit Conover
Jamie Fassett-Carman
Meghan O'Donnell
Jordan Skelcher
Donna Lindsay-Goodwin
Sandra Sandell
Suzanne Shaff
Melissa Pawlisch
Michelle Yackel
Canan Karatekin
Kathy Wetzel-Mastel
Asil Mire
Alicia Valenti
Jono Cowgill
Mamou Kouyate
Holly Crane
Robyn Bipes
Valenti Alicia
Jonathan Hahn
Richard Zemel
Gene Tierney
Patrick Maloney
Jim Cohen
Carrie Miller
Cynthia Daggett
Kyla Cromer
Ruth Lindh
Will Bornstein

Anne Supplee
Josh Lesnick
Diana Nock
John Chouinard
Colleen Ayers
Mo Holmes
Sarah Tschida
Charles Garland
Darci Matthews
Christine Capra
Kathryn Velez
Zoe Bickford
Jessica Nickrand
Mary Morse Marti
Katherine Teiken
Scott Shaffer
Kirsten Johnson
Nick Mason
Jared Johnson
Matt Kazinka
Priti Kapoor
Joe Wenker
Mimi Amelang
Sam Needham
Anna Needham
Unny Nambudiripad
Joshua Houdek
Peter Bajurny
Aaron Berc
Josh Dibley
Sierra Saunders
Benjamin Olson
Matty Lang
Tami Traeger
Peter See
Chad Pickering
Antone Melton-Meaux
Lauren Johnson
Russ Rooster Henry
Phillip Koski
Billy Weber
Elizabeth Mitchell
Matthew Hendricks
Kelly Martinson
Galen Dorpalen-Barry
Mary Ila Duntemann
Matthew Lewis
Rebecca Smith
Eva Metz
Chris Berrens
Joe Antkowiak
Elizabeth Lorraine
Hannah Hansen
Della Boutrous
Jacqueline Foster
Chelsea Ray
Maria Fitzgerald
Alan Wiggs
TJ Hanrahan
Hanna Hillman
Nick Minderman
John Chandler
Amani Berry
Michael Ohama
Dale Forsberg
Mark Tucker
Grant Simons
Jessica Wuebker
Raquel Sidie-Wagner
Maile Cupo
Carol White
Tyler Smith
Michael Allon
Maddie Babel
Lyn Horness

Beth Dooley
John VanHeel
Julia Curran
Eliot Altbaum
William Harris
Emily Strasser
Alexis Palmer
Miriam Karraker
Connor Stratton
Sheldon Mains
John Edwards
Teri Shuraleff
Catherine Windyk
Donovan Walker
Bill Dooley
Danielle Steer
Gina Ciganik
Parker Evans
Patty O'Keefe
Morgan Bird
Caroline Horton
Mackenzie Turner Bargen
Cameran Bailey
Sam Price
Peter Berman
Alex Boutrous
Amy Brugh
Aisha Chughtai
Alex Cecchini
Hilary Lovelace
Annie Van Cleve
Julia Eagles
Mary Abraham-Watne
Gretchen Nicholls
Peter Zeftel
Joe Braman
Angela H
Shelly Hendricks
Philip Schwartz
Lisa Negstad
Timothy Fisher
Aaron Eisenberg
Chip Halbach
Susan Leskela
Hunter Henley
Janelle Nivens
Phyllis Hejl
Michelle DiMuzio
Jonathan Foster
Lee Samelson
Sam Newberg
Ann Minnick
Kevin Kirsch
Alexander Gutierrez
Allison Welch
Jenny Taber-Hanson
Maren Nelson
Martha Brown
Travis Hochsprung
Charles Karter
Edward Sutton
Eric Immler
Mary Einspahr
Rosemary Dolata
Laura Chamberlain
Marissa Peterson
Lesley Schack
Karlee Weinmann
Erin Perdu
Jasper Weinrich-Burd
Grant Boelter
Maria Wardoku
Burjis Godrej

Christine Lim

"Janne brings people of diverse backgrounds together and gets them listening to and talking with each other. She has a talent for building a strong community, and has been doing this for years. This is just one of many reasons that we need her on city council."

Ben Strasser

"Janne has been my landlord for several years now. She has created a fantastic community around her building through cherry harvests, grilling parties, and group gardening. Janne consistently impresses me with her depth of knowledge on local issues."

Anne Supplee

"Janne is someone who listens well and can bring different community constituents together to build a stronger Minneapolis."

Sam DelSerra

"Janne works side by side with her neighbors and community members to make sure that each person feels heard and understood."

Julia Curran

"I first met Janne when we were both Minneapolis election judges in the same precinct. Without Janne’s support and persistent encouragement through the years, I wouldn’t have become involved with the city’s Pedestrian Advisory Council, the Bicycle Coalition,, or the East Isles Residents Association. Ward 7 hasn't had a real City Council race since before I could vote. As a nearly lifelong Ward 7 resident, I’m excited to finally cast a meaningful vote in a city council race!"

Eliot Altbaum

"I first met Janne to pour over the nitty-gritty details of urban policy. She knows the issues, listens carefully, and brings people together."

Dan Polhamer

"Janne is hands-down the most informed, capable and pragmatically forward-thinking citizen I know."

Bill Lindeke

"Janne Flisrand has in spades the three qualities I look for in a political leader: she’s smart, hard-working, and is an open-minded, respectful listener. I’m routinely inspired by Janne’s passionate commitment to a Minneapolis that’s safe, affordable, and a humane city that treats everyone with respect. Over the years, I’ve watched Janne turn her passion into real change, and I believe she would be an excellent voice for Ward 7 on the City Council. It’s time for a change in City Hall!"

Emily Strasser

"Janne’s passion for this city, her deep commitment to listening to diverse voices, advocating for those who are underserved by the city, and finding workable solutions are just what this city needs."

Katherine Teiken

"Janne Flisrand is a strong advocate for all the people of Minneapolis. Through my work with Janne, I have continually seen her be a champion for those who feel that they do not have a voice. She will work hard to address the inequities that are inherent throughout the community, and celebrate the progress of every step that is taken on the journey towards that goal."

Michael Bischoff

"Janne is especially good at supporting the leadership and development of the people around her. As a City Council Member, Janne would recognize and support leadership from all corners of the ward and city. When I got cancer, Janne rallied people and money to support me and my family. Janne rallies community support for many people and needs. Janne knows how to bring people together to make a more equitable, sustainable, and thriving city."

Soleil Ho

"Janne is the most civic-minded person that I know... a fierce defender of tenants' rights, public transportation, and people of color's right to walk freely in their city without fear of harassment."

Elaine Marigold Avery

"Minneapolis City Council needs more smart women like Janne Flisrand."

Blue Delliquanti

"Janne is extremely well-informed and responsive to the city's and individuals' needs. I’m excited to see someone interested in sustainable city policies running for City Council!"

John Edwards

"Janne is unstoppable! A powerfully effective activist who seeks out talented people, supports them, and rallies them to a common cause. Minneapolis will be lucky to have her on the City Council."

Charles Garland

"I've known Janne since college and I can't think of anyone who could care more about what impacts all members of her community, but more than that she actually works really hard until the solution is found and implemented. Ward 7 is very very lucky to have the opportunity to elect Janne to represent their interest!"

Scott Shaffer

"Janne has already done great work advancing issues that are important to us: sustainable transportation and progressive housing policy. We can’t wait to see what she’ll accomplish in City Hall."

Kurt Schultz

"I’ve worked with Janne in different capacities for the past 10 years and she has earned my greatest respect and admiration as well as my friendship. She is intelligent, thoughtful, sincere, principled, hardworking, and incredibly effective at everything she sets her mind to. At her core, Janne is committed to making the world a better place for this generation and the next and she does this by making her community a better place. Janne lives her life with intention and purpose with her actions reflecting her words and her beliefs.

Janne is a gifted problem solver, communicator, and consensus builder. I have watched in admiration as she navigates challenging situations, bridging the divide that results from strong personalities and firmly held positions. She ensures that everyone is heard and respected."

Parker Evans

"Janne represents a boost to the progressive wing of the Council that will serve Minneapolis well."

Joey Senkyr

"She'll be a voice for everyone in Ward 7."

Fritz Bogott

"I have been friends with Janne for more than thirty years. Please support her for Minneapolis City Council!"

Amy Brugh

"I support Janne's bid for election to the City Council because she is smart, committed, and persistent."

Hunter Henley

"I support Janne because she took the time to call me and not only tell me about her ideas, but asked about mine and listened. I feel like she values my opinions and ideas."

Galen Dorpalen-Barry

"Janne is both passionate and compassionate. She cares about the city of Minneapolis and thinks deeply about the effects of her actions. This applies to everything from advocating for tenants rights to managing the bicycle garage in the back of her property. As a city council member, I am sure that Janne will be a voice for productive change and healthy growth in the city."

Chris Farstad

"Because affordable housing is a human right."

Janelle Nivens

"I support Janne's vision for Minneapolis."

Diana Nock

"Janne is a smart, capable person."

Martha Brown

"We need someone willing to listen to new ideas and who is interested in creating links among the neighborhoods in our area."

Alicia Valenti

"She is real and represents her ward well!"

TJ Hanrahan

"I admire her focus on bike/pedestrian issues and affordable housing.

Mimi Amelang

I’m excited to see a true progressive running to represent Ward 7. I’m a renter and appreciate that Janne advocates for us renters!

Charles Karter

Janne is a woman of the people, let’s give her a path to fight for people.

Jonathan Foster

The 7th ward is one of the most diverse in our city, from the lakes, through Bryn Mawr, and all the way to Elliot Park. Janne understands that the key to representing the entire 7th ward is to listen to the entire 7th ward. Her ideas are great, but she also knows no one alone can have all the answers. She understands that we are all in this together, and we’ll all be better off with her, inclusive, thoughtful, and collaborative problem solving skills on the city council.

Natasha Villanueva

We need to commit to intervening in housing equity in Minneapolis!

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