Environment & Climate

Our city has the promise to be a true leader on protecting the environment we all depend on—not just for ourselves and all our neighbors, but for our kids and grandkids. But today, the City is falling behind on fighting climate change and protecting the quality of our air and water, especially in the most vulnerable communities.

Too often, the current council member sides with powerful interests who benefit from the status quo: our fossil fuel-dependent energy utilities, lobbyists for building owners, and landlords who oppose City action on energy efficiency. The current council member voted to defund the Clean Energy Partnership, voted against continued divestment from fossil fuels, and has opposed protected bikeways and transit. She has been an active opponent of the Homegrown Minneapolis initiative, voting against making it easier for urban farmers to sell produce directly to their neighbors, and has made it difficult for vacant City-owned lots to be used to grow food.

As a longtime activist for the environment who led the successful effort for statewide adoption of the Minnesota Green Communities standards, which ensure that new affordable housing is environmentally sustainable, I know how critical it is to leave a healthy planet to future generations. That’s why I am proud to be endorsed by the DFL Environmental Caucus and the Sierra Club.

As council member, I will ensure that we protect the environment for everyone, by:

  • Fully funding the Clean Energy Partnership and using it to challenge both the energy utilities and City to do much more to fight climate change
  • Pushing for across-the-board investments in energy efficiency in buildings—multifamily residential, commercial, and single family homes
  • Making more City-owned lots available for food growing with longer leases
  • Finding ways to incentivize large private landowners to allow food growing on their land
  • Supporting environmental justice initiatives like Green Zones.