Gina Ciganik: Janne has a "commitment to fairness"

I’m supporting Janne Flisrand for Ward 7 City Council because I have seen her effectiveness over the last two decades as I’ve worked with her on a variety of affordable and sustainable housing issues in the city.

gina_ciganik.pngJanne is an excellent facilitator of conversations. She really listens, and far too few people have that quality. Because Janne has such a strong commitment to fairness and equity, she seeks the input of people whose voices are most often not heard. When she puts a solution forward, you can be sure that it will serve a broader, diverse community.

After working in the affordable/sustainable housing space for two decades, I can tell you that too often decision makers are serving those who have more money, more power, more influence, or just louder voices. Janne has always made sure that more voices were brought into the conversation and that those voices were heard and valued.

I’m excited about the possibility of a change in leadership for Ward 7. Imagine how the Minneapolis City Council will be improved by the presence of one more person who is more eager to learn than she is to push her own agenda. We need someone new in the Ward 7 seat who will truly represent the best interest of the community. Janne Flisrand is exactly who we need.

-Gina Ciganik