Housing for All

Minneapolis should be a city where everyone is able to find an affordable and decent place to live, whether they have a lot of money or very little, whether they rent or own.

But the City’s current approach to housing is leaving a lot of people behind. Rents are increasing while low-wage workers’ incomes have gone down. More people want to live in our city, but the supply of housing isn’t keeping up. We’re losing more than a thousand units of lower-cost housing every year in Minneapolis. Meanwhile, residential segregation reinforced by housing costs is leading to racial inequity in our schools and communities.

The City’s pathway for affordable housing projects is blocked by obstacles that make developing new projects unnecessarily difficult. Outdated zoning prevents more housing from being built, and the voices of politically connected people who oppose growth outweigh the voices of renters who desperately need housing. The current council member actively opposes using tools that have worked in other cities, like inclusionary zoning.

I have worked on housing policy for 20 years, and I led the successful effort for statewide adoption of the Minnesota Green Communities standards that ensure new affordable housing is environmentally sustainable. And as the longtime owner of a fourplex, I understand how the housing market works firsthand.

As council member, I will work to keep Minneapolis affordable for everyone, by:

  • Allowing and encouraging more housing to be built
  • Exploring new financing options that lock in affordable rents on existing low-cost housing 
  • Investing more money in affordable housing development projects and making those funds easier, more predictable and more transparent to use
  • Supporting proven strategies like inclusionary zoning
  • Recognizing there’s no single solution, and we need to use every option we have and be open to new ideas.