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Housing for All 

Minneapolis should be a city where everyone is able to find an affordable and decent place to live. The City’s current approach to housing, however, is leaving many people behind—through soaring rent prices, a dwindling supply of affordable housing, residential segregation, outdated zoning and more. With two decades of experience in housing advocacy, I have the knowledge to reshape Minneapolis’ housing policy into one that encourages building more places for people to live, invests more resources in affordable housing, supports inclusionary zoning and locks in affordable rents for existing housing units. Read more.

Streets & Transit

Our streets should welcome and protect everyone, regardless of how we travel. But for decades, Minneapolis has approached transit in a way that endangers some while frustrating and alienating others—congestion, a lack of protection for bikers, a Southwest LRT line that misses population centers. I have solutions that will build safe and vibrant streets for everyone: creating corridors of beauty to connect key institutions and destinations; building better walking and biking routes to serve every part of the city; reshaping zoning rules so that development adds interest and activity in our streets; and much more! Read more.

Policing & Safety

Living up to our city’s promise means fostering safe neighborhoods for everyone. Unfortunately, our city is not living up to its potential: violence continues to take too many lives, most of them young men of color, while relations between the police and communities are strained at best and fatal at worst. My plan for tackling policing and community safety will prioritize community-based “safety beyond policing” approaches, push for a police force that hires from the community it polices, demand accountability for officers, design safe and vibrant public spaces, and invest in interim place-making for empty spaces. Read more.

Respectful & Equitable Representation

Living up to our city’s promise requires representing and listening to everyone. But today, many are treated as if they don’t matter. Insiders who know how the system works have special access, while the less powerful—renters, young people, poor people, people of color—have no access at all. I will draw on my years as a community organizer to make sure our government listens to everyone. This includes reforming campaign finance rules to reduce the influence of money in our politics, forging close relationships with underrepresented groups, passing a Fair Scheduling ordinance and demanding that the City prosecute people who perpetrate wage theft and more. Read more.

Climate & Environment

Our city has the duty to protect the environment for everyone. Our current approach to fighting climate change, however, often glosses over vulnerable communities. As an experienced environmental activist who helped write the Minnesota Green Communities standards and successfully advocated for their statewide adoption, I know how critical it is to leave a healthy planet for future generations. My environmental policy goals include supporting environmental justice initiatives such as Green Zones, fully funding the Clean Energy Partnership, pushing for investments in energy efficiency, and encouraging more City-owned lots and large private landowners to make their space available for growing food. Read more.

Budgeting for a Resilient City

We must ensure that our city is financially resilient for everyone. This means investing in the common good, planning for the long-term, and using our tax dollars responsibly. Investing in the parts of our city that need it most isn’t just the right thing to do; it also prevents Ward 7 neighborhoods and other areas throughout the city from carrying a larger share of the City’s costs during inevitable economic downturns. I will advocate for building high-quality public space in lower-income neighborhoods, carefully utilizing strategies like Tax Increment Financing to spur growth where it otherwise would not occur, and more. I will also support budgets with structural integrity and long-term thinking that plan 10 and 20 years ahead. Read more.

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