Jackie Foster: Janne is thoughtful, innovative, and equity-focused

I support Janne Flisrand for Minneapolis City Council because she has thoughtful, innovative policy ideas, she pays attention to equity, and she takes a respectful approach to everything she does.

jackie_foster.pngSafe, stable and affordable housing is essential for a healthy population, and current housing strategies are too limited to meet the growing demand. It’s important for people to remember that policies that give our workforce access to safe, affordable housing directly support the economic wellbeing of the entire city. Janne supports creative policy solutions, in addition to work by organizations like Aeon, to help more people make their home in Minneapolis. I appreciate Janne’s comprehensive consideration of zoning and planning issues, which always includes considerations for increasing diversity, transportation access, and affordability.

Join me in supporting Janne Flisrand for City Council. Ward 7 and the entire city will benefit from her intelligence, integrity, compassion, and creativity.

-Jackie Foster, RN, Bryn Mawr

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