Julia Curran: Janne knows Ward 7 up close

My dad, John Curran, moved to Ward 7 in 1928, and he knows the city in ways you can’t even imagine. My dad likes Janne, too, and he’s the best judge of character I know. For my father, at 97, the frequency of coffee shops along a street or the fear of frostbite determines whether he can go out or not. Nobody whose view of the city is on a map or from a window in City Hall can understand how to help people like my father to age in place and continue to thrive.

Julia_and_John_Curran.jpgJanne is out in the community, seeing every inch of Ward 7 and the rest of the city up close, often on foot. She’s visible, and she was visible long before she decided to run for office. I didn’t realize how important that is until I started running into a core group of City Council people, not just in meeting rooms, but on the streets. I was looking at the people making decisions about our city, and I realized that not all of them are actually out there using our city. When I see Janne out there, I realize the government is accessible to me. It’s exciting for me that, come November, I may have a City Council member I’m likely to run into out in the world.

For the last few decades, we have been engineering our streets in a way that seeks to preserve something that isn’t working that well now and can’t possibly work in the future. We replicate the same broken systems instead of designing new ones. That’s why we need a visionary like Janne on City Council. She’s cautious, smart, practical, and infinitely creative.

When you vote for Janne Flisrand this November, you’re voting for neighborhoods with streets that will work for everyone, today and long into the future!

-Julia Curran