Marva Sullivan: Janne is "level-headed and wise"

About a month ago, Ward 7 City Council candidate, Janne Flisrand, convened a group of smart, engaged people with diverse areas of expertise. Right in the middle of her campaign, rather than hold a “get to know the candidate” event or a fundraiser; she put together a creative solution-generating exercise that she masterfully (and humbly) facilitated so that she—and everyone present—could learn something new about the ward and the city. I was very impressed with her for bringing that kind of insight into her campaign. Even though she is clearly an independent thinker, she is also wise enough to seek the input of a diverse group of people to ensure that she is as informed as possible on every issue.

The way Janne engages people is refreshing. She doesn’t give you an immediate, “YES-YES, rah-rah…I understand completely; you’re so right!” She takes in the information and she thinks about it. That’s an indicator of maturity, authenticity, and integrity. Given what’s happening on the national level, the thought of someone as level-headed and wise as Janne helping run this city gives me no small degree of comfort.

Janne cares about the same issues I care about: I believe that affordable housing is essential. I believe that safe, affordable, accessible transportation is essential. You can make it possible for someone to have a safe, decent place to live, but if they can’t get to work from there, they are in almost as much trouble as if they were homeless. I also have no doubt that she can pay attention to the wants of those in the more affluent parts of the ward while addressing the needs of those in parts of the ward that have been neglected over the last 20 years.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting Janne Flisrand for Ward 7 City Council on November 7th.

-Marva Sullivan