Mimi Amelang: "Service to community is Janne's life"

When I learned about Janne Flisrand’s candidacy for Ward 7 City Council, I was initially just happy to hear that a viable candidate was finally challenging Lisa Goodman. Goodman has not voted the way I’d have wanted her to vote over the past few years, and I would like to see her replaced by a true progressive who’s interested in really fixing things. That’s Janne.

mimi_crop_(1).pngI agree completely with Janne’s stance on expanding and improving public transportation. I also appreciate her strong commitment to making Ward 7 safe and pleasant for those who choose to walk places. It’s clear that all of the urban design that’s taken place in the last 20 years in our neighborhood has created an environment targeted for people who drive and nobody else. Think about the way that impacts people’s lives. It’s not about going for a stroll; it’s actually hard to get around in Ward 7 unless you have a car.

Janne’s done a lot for our ward and our city already. It’s clear that service to her community is Janne’s life. She’s looking to be of service in a bigger way now, and I believe she has the ideal skill set to be an extremely effective member of the Minneapolis City Council.

I’ve lived all over Ward 7, and I love this ward. My parents even lived in Loring Park when they moved here 30 years ago. I like being close to downtown, living on all the bus lines, and having access to green space and restaurants. All of that seems to be threatened with Lisa Goodman controlling the ward’s growth. I’m concerned that my whole neighborhood will be taken over by incredibly expensive condos. I support Janne because she shares my vision that Ward 7’s neighborhoods should stay accessible to renters who aren’t necessarily making a lot of money.

More than anything else though, I want to know that when I call my city councilperson, she’ll care enough to really listen. I want to know that if I don’t get a chance to contact her, she’s got a moral compass pointed toward helping those who need help most. Janne Flisrand fits that bill perfectly. Over time, I’ve come to trust Janne to listen and to be a really approachable person. I realize that’s a low bar, but that would be a nice change from what we have now.

Please join me in supporting Janne this election day. We can do a lot better in Ward 7!

-Mimi Amelang, Loring Heights