Pablo Jones: Janne is a "creative problem solver"

I support Janne Flisrand for Ward 7 City Council because she supports Black Lives Matter. When Jamar Clark was killed by a police officer in 2015, three members of the City Council showed up at the 4th Precinct and in the press as advocates for justice. Racial justice is complicated, but committing yourself to police reform—particularly the issue of stopping the police from killing African American men—is not complicated. It begins with some deep listening, and that means the City Council listening to Black Lives Matter and other groups working for racial justice and police reform. I’d like to see the city treat BLM with greater respect, and I’d like to see them have a seat at the table. Janne listens to everybody, and that includes Black Lives Matter.

Pablo_Jones_Photo.jpgI believe that Janne would have a positive effect on the City Council overall. Because she is a deeply reflective, clear headed person, people respect her perspective. With Janne on the City Council, I see the possibility for the council to become more Progressive while retaining a high degree of self-discipline.

In this community and others across the country, our ideas about ourselves—about who we are—are changing. We need to make sure our actions match our idea of who we are. We need to act in a way that fosters community and engenders communication and inclusion. This is going to take a creative problem solver, and that’s Janne. She is naturally strategic in her thinking. I don’t think she believes she knows the answer before she starts, and that means that morally, ethically, and demographically she’s not automatically on anybody’s side. If she’s on the City Council, I can trust that she will represent my interests and the interests of a 15-year-old Somali girl, and everybody else, equally well. I trust her to come up with reasonable solutions and to persuade others toward fair, equitable decisions that help everyone in the community do better.

I enthusiastically support Janne Flisrand for Ward 7 City Council.

-Pablo Jones, East Isles