Respectful & Equitable Representation

Living up to our city’s promise requires representing and listening to everyone. The City has to see and serve the half of Minneapolitans who rent. We have to work directly to improve the lives of the poorest in our communities. And we have to openly acknowledge and address the institutional racism that pervades our city. Only by bringing together people with multiple perspectives and treating them with respect can we come to good decisions about the future of our city.

But today, a lot of people are being left out, and treated as if they don’t matter. Many workers are paid less than living wages, forced to work unfair and unpredictable schedules, and even have their wages stolen. Landlords and big business have much more power than tenants and workers, and they have an outsized presence and influence in City Hall. Insiders who know how the system works have special access, while the less powerful—renters, young people, poor people, people of color—have no access at all. Opaque, unpredictable processes give power to a small number of political insiders.

The current council member consistently opposes actions to address these problems. She voted against ordinances on fair scheduling and wage theft, and was one of the last council members to come out for the minimum wage and sick and safe time ordinances. She consistently has a “closed door” policy for advocates working on making our city a better place. People who interact with the current council member are regularly treated disrespectfully. She delivers for connected insiders, while other residents and business owners are ignored or worse.

I have worked for years to engage and empower all types of people. As an organizer for a neighborhood group, a board member for, and a rental property owner who makes sure my tenants know when and how to participate in our local democracy, I have a track record of engaging people. Respect for all people is one of my core values. I know that it’s possible to be respectful even when people disagree.

As council member, I will ensure that our government listens to everyone, by:

  • Reforming campaign finance rules to reduce the influence of money in our politics
  • Actively reaching out to underrepresented groups like renters, people of color, and young people
  • Passing a Fair Scheduling ordinance and getting the City to prosecute people who perpetrate wage theft
  • Treating every person who interacts with the City with respect.