Binky & Win Rockwell: Janne gives us hope for the future

Our experience with Janne is that she listens. We in Ward 7 have noticed that quality and understand how important it is, especially in the current political climate. Janne can be relied on, in all circumstances, to be empathetic while being civil. She thinks critically and makes tough decisions about any situation before her. She doesn’t show up to anything already decided. She has no agenda beyond doing what’s best for everyone.

win_binky.pngJanne’s own story is a lot like that of many of us in Ward 7. She considers herself lucky to have bought a multi-unit home at a time—20 years ago—when she could afford to. When we were in our 20s, we were able to buy our first house here and start building wealth. That is pretty unheard of now in Ward 7. Young people have lots of reasons to want to move to Minneapolis—and particularly Ward 7, given its proximity to the lakes and Downtown. But they will go elsewhere if the housing situation doesn’t welcome them and allow for more economic diversity. We need this generation in order to keep our neighborhood vibrant and looking toward the future. It makes sense that so many young people are supporting Janne and volunteering many hours on her campaign. They know she cares about their issues. These are issues that should be critical to all of us who care about the future of our city: safe, affordable housing; street design that keeps walkers, bikers, and drivers protected; affordable, safe, reliable public transportation; protection of the environment and working to undo the harm we’ve already caused.

The thought of Janne Flisrand being elected to the Minneapolis City Council gives us great hope for the future of this city. If you haven’t met Janne yet, when you do, you’ll be impressed with the depth and breadth of her knowledge and with the genuine interest she will immediately show in who you are and what matters to you.

Janne is a true public servant. Ward 7 will be doing itself a great service if it elects Janne Flisrand to the Minneapolis City Council.

-Binky & Win Rockwell