Satish Desai: Janne will "ensure Minneapolis is a livable city for all of us"

satish_desai.jpgI met Janne at a "Coffee Caucus" event shortly after she launched her candidacy for city council. She immediately impressed me as an inquisitive and compassionate woman who shares my progressive values. I moved to Loring Park five years ago because of its walkable streets and ready access to public transportation. But even when I first moved here, it was clear that affordable housing is scarce. And while the public transportation downtown is among the best in the cities, it rapidly becomes more difficult to get around without a car outside of the immediate confines of downtown. We need to do much better to ensure that Minneapolis is a livable city for all of us.

Janne is a deeply knowledgeable leader who understands this. As a private citizen and an activist, she has already established a strong record of making our city a more sustainable and equitable place to live. We have the chance, this year, to elect a city council that can put Minneapolis at the forefront of advancing economic and racial equality, stopping climate change, and building a healthier and more sustainable future. This is why I am supporting her for city council.

-Satish Desai