Teri Shuraleff: Janne brings people together to get results

I support Janne Flisrand for Minneapolis City Council because she’s committed, social-justice oriented, passionate, inclusive, a great listener, and she gets things done.

shuraleff.jpgI first met Janne when I moved back to Minneapolis after 10 years away. I was just thinking about getting back on a bike after 25 years. I found the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition (MBC) on Facebook, and the first thing I saw was a meeting Janne organized for potential volunteers. I showed up, but in all honesty, I figured it would be awkward and I would leave. Janne was the reason that didn’t happen. She brought together this group of people from all different backgrounds, none of whom knew each other, and she made sure every one of us felt welcome and included. Her ability to organize, lead groups, make sure everyone is heard and included, and draw ideas out of people who might not be comfortable talking in front of a group was remarkable. That evening a couple of committees were formed, and people kept coming back. Janne’s leadership was a big part of that. I became a volunteer that night; after about a year, I became a lead volunteer, and later I was asked to serve on the board of MBC a position I've held now for the past 3 years.

Janne knows how to help people work together to create results. The key to this is that she doesn’t go in saying, “This is the result I want,” b​ut rather, she inspires creativity and critical thinking in the group. She goes in asking people, “What do you want this to look like? What do you want to create here?” She listens to everyone, and she facilitates people to be self-directed, creating a work group that works together beautifully.

Join me in supporting Janne Flisrand for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 7. Janne has the compassion, intelligence, experience, and people skills to make this great city even better.

-Teri Shuraleff