What do I do at the caucus to support Janne?

  • Raise your hand to be a delegate at the Ward 7 convention, which is the next level of party decision making that takes place a couple of weeks after the caucus.
  • If too many people want to be delegates and you were not selected, volunteer to be an alternate to the Ward 7 convention. Alternates are often seated when delegates do not show up at the convention. Make sure you ink the convention date into your calendar and show up planning to spend the entire day. Conventions often lose delegates as voting continues throughout the day. As an alternate, you may then step in and be seated to vote.
  • Be sure to wear your Janne campaign t-shirt, sticker, or other swag! Campaign volunteers will be visible near the front door to provide these items to Janne’s supporters.
  • Be an enthusiastic and outgoing Janne supporter. Talk to your neighbors before and after the caucus starts. Make the case for your choice in a positive and friendly way.
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