What should I expect at the caucus?



Arrive on time so you don’t miss your chance to support Janne. Once inside the building, volunteers will help you find the room for your precinct number, which is based on your street address. Stop by Janne’s volunteer table to pick up some swag, and wear it proudly!

Join your precinct-mates in their designated room, sign in, and take a seat. Your precinct caucus will be called to order. Select a chair and vice chair (from volunteers who most likely have already offered to help with these tasks). There will be some announcements and requests for additional volunteers. A hat may be passed for contributions to defray the cost of the caucus (room rental, insurance, etc.)

Then the real fun starts. Participants will be asked to offer party policy resolutions, which may be voted upon and advanced to the next level for consideration (the Ward 7 Convention). You may prepare and present resolutions in advance or on the spot on any topics you wish.

The chair will then ask participants to indicate if they would like to be named as delegates or alternates to the Ward 7 Convention, which takes place a couple of weeks later. This is what you’re here for. Raise your hand to be a delegate!

There will be a limit to the number of allowed delegates per precinct. DFL party rules also state that there need to be equal numbers of male and female delegates. If too many people want to advance (including those who cannot attend the caucus but who have written in advance to request that they are selected as delegates), the caucus chair has the option of calling a vote, or using an active selection method known as a “walking subcaucus.” In a walking subcaucus, would-be delegates move around the room, joining groups that have selected and named a policy position or candidate that appeals to them.

For example, one subcaucusing group could call themselves “Police Reform.” Another group could be “Janne for City Council.” A third group could be “More street trees and Janne for City Council.” Create a new group or join a group from among these where you think your chances of being selected as a delegate are highest. Then the room is “frozen” and no further movement is allowed. Delegates are usually picked proportionally from among the remaining “viable” subcaucuses. Look here for a detailed description of how this plays out.

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